Peter Pappas is a successful Small Business Owner, Fayetteville Born and Raised. 

This is what I will do

  • Public Safety
    • Restore our police department to full staffing
    • Restore Community Policing- Young People shouldn't fear the police
    • Restore Security in your Home and Neighborhoods
  • Workforce Housing
    • Get funding to build and develop housing you can afford
    • Build Housing you will be proud to live in
    • Increase the numbers of parks, sidewalks,and public Community Centers
  • RESTORE FAITH In City Council
    • City Council is here to serve YOU!
    • I will help to move the entire City Forward towards success
    • I'm a busy guy, and will get the job done

"We need forward thinking people in the right positions of authority so when we seek new opportunities for economic growth and development, prospects know that we mean business."

~ Peter Pappas, City Council Candidate